Pr!ncess – “Go For It”


Katja Bellotti aka Pr!ncess, first performed on stage at the age of 11, and is a dancer who has received many years of training. She produces all of her songs on a phone and even sing on it, due to lack of other options. All necessary programs to record and produce are also on her phone.

Pr!ncess works with various music styles including House, Techno, DnB and Funk music. Howeve,r she also excises her talents in pop and chillout music, for which she has dedicated channels on YouTube.

Pr!ncess was born in Germany but her parents are from Croatia. She is able to speak German, English, Spanish, and Croatian, and got her moniker from her uncle, who in German, called her “Prinzessin”. Pr!ncess is on radio rotation with the track “Go For It”.

You can connect with her on Instagram @ House_Techno_Princess as well as TikTok  at where she does humorous shorts or sings song snippets with others. Also check out her YouTube channels, and

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