Lyndon Rivers – “You Always Got Me” rings out loud!

Regarded as one of the more impressive and original music producers on the current underground electronic dance music scene, we can safely say Lyndon Rivers commands his spot as one of the independent industry’s best. The English-born Australian electro house magician has been building an illustrious catalog thus far, and you can sure bet there is plenty more to come from Lyndon who consistently delivers month on month. The down-under based producer has earned his spot among the world’s most hard-working indie artists thanks to an overly outstanding musical resume boasting some of the most impressive male and female vocalists.

But of course, when the name Lyndon Rivers rings out loud, it’s his infamous knob-twiddling that always grab the limelight, despite the impressive vocal features. Such is the case with his latest single, “You Always Got Me”. From first glance, the single is a masterclass of spicy electro music that can only be described as Lyndon at his best. Comprised of an instantly off the blocks opening, followed by bubbling synths and blinding basslines, it has mainstage domination written all over it.

Mixing all the ingredients of an electronic banger with the help of beautiful airy vocals, Lyndon Rivers delivers a mood-inducing emotive production. When it comes to impressively chill synth-design, “You Always Got Me” is a go-to track which no doubt will gain momentum on the electronic spectrum. This track is instantly infectious from the start all the way to the finish. It is a club-ready production that brings the heat every time it rings through the speakers.

If you want to go hard with bust basslines and synth strokes then Lyndon Rivers has you covered, “You Always Got Me” makes sure the electro house sounds are alive and kicking. Its spacey sounds, fervent synths, and pulsating electronic beat will cause a storm and elate listeners right through to their soul. The track is a fitting way to round out the spectacular Lyndon Rivers catalog up to this point. Without a doubt, this another one of Lyndon’s best releases to date.

“You Always Got Me” is another testament to the nature of the hard working producer who never skips corners, and delivers the goods time and time again. With this single, it’s clear to see why Lyndon Rivers has all the elements in his skillset to be dominating the underground EDM scene at the moment. Even non-electronica fans cannot resist bobbing their heads to the beat and awesome vocals in the song.

Good things happen when Lyndon Rivers is behind the boards – it’s a fact.  Even better things happen when Lyndon collaborates with great guest singers. That is exactly the musical marriage that occurs on the single “You Always Got Me”. The production is awesome, the vocals are on point, and the songwriting is memorable and catchy enough.  This single exemplifies excellence.


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