Hitrocker – “Project One” is full of driving EDM rhythms and powerful vocalists

Hitrocker is a German based producer who creates mainly within the EDM subgenres of House, Electro and Deep House. His first album, entitled “Project One” was released at the end of July, while “Project Two” is also out now. When I clicked on the playlist of “Project One”, I was met with song titles that were merely numbers – such as “Project 1.1” or “Project One.Four”. This falsely led me to expect generically themed instrumentals, simply meant to rock the dancefloor. Wrong. Well not totally. They do rock the dancefloor. But they also do a whole lot more. These are actually fully themed songs. Some of them with amazing melodies and vocals, to match the tight rhythms and stellar production quality of the beats.

For me personally, Hitrocker’s biggest attraction is the vast array of feelings his music trigger in me, whether related to real events or hypothetical ones. Over the course of the 9 tracks on “Project One”, my inventory of emotional interpretations grew more expansive and intense with every play. Right from the opening track, Hitrocker takes on a musical journey far beyond our expectations.

One minute Hitrocker is capable of weaving delicious melodic arrangements, sung by some of the most gorgeous female voices you have heard, and the next minute, he can carve out a four-to-the-floor instrumental banger that will drive you crazy on the dancefloor.

There are even excellent male lead vocals in his songs. Whatever mood you’re in, Hitrocker’s music fits the occasion. Overall, Hitrocker did an amazing job with this album that is full of driving EDM rhythms and powerful vocalists.

The album “Project One” kicks off with the beautiful melodic drive of “Project 1.1”, featuring a stunning female vocal and growling synths. “Project 1.2” offers plenty for your ears to discover, with breathtaking sound design, wondrous atmospherics, and another sultry vocal performance.

“Project One.Four” presents a vibrant bassline, melodic chords, and euphoric vocals, all spiced up by a catchy chorus. Three tracks in and Hitrocker has made no missteps, each song delivering top tier producing skills.

“Project One.Five” comes out of the blocks with a thumping kick drum and sizzling hi-hat before exploding into bass driven instrumental euphoria. “Project One.Six” once again shows of Hitrocker’s keen ear for fantastic female singers and melodic hooks.

All of which makes his vocal tracks ready for any mainstream Pop chart. “Project One.Seven” introduces to a male singer with a magnificent range, juxtaposed against an energetic and dynamic rhythm.

 “Project One.Eight” again demonstrates Hitrocker’s fetish for booming basslines that rumble and roll alongside energetic percussion. “Project One.Nine” is a powerful collaboration built around an ascending keyboard progression, rip-roaring drum loops, and ethereal vocals. Hitrocker’s addiction for blending melodic themes with dynamically creative foundations shine throughout the entire listen, and even more so “Project One.Ten”.

It takes a special record to be fully engaging. And it takes more than just talent to make inspired music in an EDM world full of noise. Hitrocker’s “Project One” album is a 9 track statement of inspired finesse and transcendence to the realm of dance music. Every track is beautifully produced, casting melodic vibes that can make your mood, no matter what emotional state you’re in.


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