DJ Quarantina – “Dark & Stormy”

Rising from the ashes of the pandemic, DJ Quarantina aka Marjolein is making a name for herself in the EDM music scene. Hailing from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, DJ Quarantina first began dabbling in the world of music in 1991, then two years later, at the tender age of 13, her parents gifted her a guitar. From then on, she spent every waking moment honing her craft, fueled by a passion for creating. Though her profession took her down a different path, as a chef, the coronavirus shutdowns provided the opportunity for DJ Quarantina to finally turn her hobby into a reality.

DJ Quarantina began composing and recording her own tracks, which she shared on SoundCloud to great success. This led to placements on Spotify and other platforms, solidifying her place in the scene. With a sound that seamlessly blends elements of house, techno, and rock, DJ Quarantina is not one to shy away from experimentation, making her a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With a reputation as a boundary-pushing innovator, DJ Quarantina continues to defy expectations with her latest release, “Dark & Stormy”.

Masterfully blending elements of deep house with a palpable aura of darkness, this track showcases DJ Quarantina’s ability to deconstruct and rebuild musical styles, creating a soundscape that is entirely her own. The result is a track that is both familiar and unexpected, capturing relatable emotions with a production that is nothing short of brilliant.

With “Dark & Stormy”, DJ Quarantina once again proves her mastery of the craft. The track is a masterful blend of thumping basslines, driving percussion, and shimmering keys that come together to form a production that is both menacing and mesmerizing. DJ Quarantina’s use of vocal adlibs add an extra layer of intrigue, elevating the already-stellar production to new heights. The production is not only dynamic, it’s quietly explosive.

EDM continues to expand and evolve, splintering into an array of subgenres that cater to increasingly niche audiences. However, amidst this proliferation of styles, it can be difficult to find an artist or project that truly captures the genre’s boundless creative potential and seamlessly integrates all of its most compelling elements. This is what DJ Quarantina achieves most of the time, and it is apparent on “Dark & Stormy”.

One of the best aspects of DJ Quarantina’s music is that she leaves nothing out, nor does she include any superfluous parts that should not be there. “Dark & Stormy” is dark and haunting. It’s deep and bassy. It’s got a driving rhythm and synths that twist and twirl inside your head all day long. It’s full of incredible sonic motifs that will hold your attention throughout. This song is perfect for going hard on most dance floors, but it can also be easily listened to on the commute to work.

“Dark & Stormy” captures DJ Quarantina’s signature sound beautifully while simultaneously showcasing her growth and versatility as a music producer. As the beat flows mesmerizingly on, it’s almost impossible not to groove to “Dark & Stormy”.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram: @dj_quarantina1

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