dezabel – “Move” uplifting, empowering and forward-thinking music!

“Move” is the work of a producer who has learned something can’t be taught: having an exceptional musical ear. The single’s core references occupy extremely crowded lanes — nu-disco, funk, synth-pop, and R&B. In less capable hands, these can come off cynical and trite, capitalizing on nostalgia for an era of pop music less beholden to hip-hop or dance music trends. Instead, “Move” is a strident, consistent offering of immaculate music that refuses to forego tight songwriting, pristine production, and superbly executed vocals, helmed by a creator who, on each subsequent release, seems exponentially more aware of what he is capable of. We are of course talking about Zurich-based Bilgi alias dezabel, who formed his musical foundation at The Academy of Contemporary Music during the nineties, and continued to develop his skills and knowledge in songwriting and music production at the Berklee College of Music.

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Since beginning his musical journey as dezabel in 2019, he has quickly built up a loyal fanbase, collaborated with a plethora of artists and vocalists from both the US and the UK, and racked up over three million streams with the hit singles “Another Drink”, “Tell Ya” and “No Good”.

The new single, “Move”, is expertly constructed and performed. The verses and choruses are catchy and distinct, while the beat is masterful. The singer’s expressive, and expansive vocal register sounds like a blueprint for how this music should be sung.

From the messages relayed in the track to the musical production, nothing is indirect or understated. Everything is deliberately placed where it needs to go. For all its upbeat, banging groove, “Move” is a seductive song that lures you in by its attractive basslines, slinky rhythms, and its fire and ice vocals.

In creating this single, dezabel has proven himself able in setting a new standard for other EDM producers artists out there. Not just in creating uplifting and inspiring music, but doing it with impeccable musical and technical sound-craft.

The single cover artwork

“Move” is a flawless recreation of disco and funk’s unique groove. It is the kind of sound that makes timeless radio hits and dance club gold. The sort of song that shifts attitudes and moods, and makes pop music elegant and deliciously tasteful.

“Move” is an impressive show of skill, the increasingly rare sound of a music producer coming into his own – the kind of sound we’ll one day be nostalgic for. Along with respectful nods to the past, dezabel blasts forward into the future with this production.

Though the song could be seen as simply an immaculate revival of forgotten sounds and subgenres from decades past, and a captivating ode to the glory days of disco, “Move” is original and imaginative enough that it never sounds like a retro retread.

Here the Swiss producer has created something as modern and gorgeous as it is danceable. On “Move”, dezabel is in his complete element, drawing on the infectiousness of the beat to allow the sublime vocals to dissect and digest the melody and rhythm. This results, in the kind of uplifting, empowering and forward-thinking music we all need in the world right now!


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