Circ7in6 – “861” – Engagingly melodic, rhythmically hypnotic, and daringly cheeky!


Circ7in6 (pronounced circling), is an electronic musician who claims both Pittsburgh and Connecticut as their homes. An electronic musician, their music is less chaotic but just as intricately sophisticated as Aphex Twin, as voyeuristic and intimate as Alison Wonderland, and as surprising and unforgettable as Flume.  I know it sounds like a tough call, but it comes from the pleasure of hearing an artist who, while musically coherent and imminently appealing, is truly experimental. Circ7in6 is distinct from scenes, trends and formulas. If you happen to hear something familiar in their music, it’s like hearing it for the first time.

Such is the case with the single “861”. Engagingly melodic, rhythmically hypnotic, and daringly cheeky, the track gallops effortlessly ahead into scintillating sonic scenarios that are never overwhelming, but highly intoxicating. Circ7in6 thrives in seeking to mesmerize their audience with subtle sonic flourishes that play off the song’s rhythmic and melodic foundation. I’ve listened to the track a number of times, and there are still sections that surprise and delight me.

“861” has moments where it actually sounds organic, and moments where it is clear that this track is pure electronic, however it never sounds rigidly synthetic. Electronic music has grown increasingly extensive, and separated into a variety of styles that fit more and more specific needs. It’s hard to find a recording or an artist that really ties everything together and serves as a creative culminate example of the genre, without being overwhelmed by egoistical bombast.

On “861”, Circ7in6 manages to stay modern and diverse, while capturing all the positive aspects of electronic music. However, having said that, there is plenty of talent to go around in the electronic music scene, so what makes Circ7in6 stand out with this single? For one, the track is suitable for multiple listening experiences.

“861” can be appreciated on any big sound system, as well as headphone listening, where you can discover all of its minuscule details, built on exploratory techniques and thoughtful sound design meant to tell a story. Circ7in6 is both a technical and compositional specialist, which makes their music more intriguing and more easily palatable than the majority of their peers. Many of whom possess only one of those skills in necessary abundance to impress aficionados.

Circ7in6’s real skill is making all the elements in “861” work together to form a coherent and relatable track, to almost any set of ears – the discerning nitpicking musical nerd or the casual fan – and this is indeed what they have achieved. They are able to play by their own rules and still potentially appeal to the masses, which is no easy task, by any means. Circ7in6’s skillful techniques prove that instrumental electronic music can be beautiful, playful and enticing.

There is a depth behind every note and beat that shows a true sense of care to the work that Circ7in6 is doing on “861”. Their knack for finding interesting textures and layers is apparent throughout. All the ideas swirling around “861” give it an aura of creative energy.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram @il0ve861 (0 being the number zero)

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