“Back In Control” paints a picture of who Anne Marie Bush is right now!


Anne Marie Bush’s new single “Back In Control” is an addictive jam that feels as warm and empowering as it does vibrant and soulful. A neo-soul twist on Pop, R&B, EDM and everything groovy in-between, the track was written, produced and performed by the Danish singer-songwriter in her own studio in Copenhagen, and released to on all digital megastores and streaming platforms via her AMB RECORDS/AMB MUSIC imprint. The Nordic songstress is known for her heartfelt deliverance of lyrics about love and femininity. On this latest release, she encapsulates these themes into moments of self-empowerment, using her soulful vocals and relatable lyrics to provide listeners with an intimacy and strength that feels familiar.

“Back In Control” certainly does justice to Anne Marie Bush’s dulcet tones, and is as fearless as it is sincere. The single pairs elegant, classic instrumentation with catchy EDM tones and a pop beat, allowing listeners to enjoy it in whatever capacity they choose. It has a stimulating, modern sonic accent, but maintains the timeless groove and backup vocals that popularized soul music in another era. Anne Marie’s rich vocals and addictive sonic energy helps make a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

Anne Marie Bush’s ability to capture and communicate the essence of her personal struggles, demons, errors and empowerment, is sharply precise. Her voice being the project’s prevailing thread with its striking delivery instantly transporting listeners into her world. Anne Marie’s artistic depth and quality has always been clear to see, but part of the appeal of “Back In Control” is its lingering global and cross-genre appeal, that’s crying out to be explored.

In an era of continuous releases and non-stop musical performances, Anne Marie Bush has remained cool, calm and collected, evolving as a thoroughbred performer, giving herself time to explore her sound, and finding confidence in every angle of her craft. Her newly found perspective completely permeates “Back In Control”. Anne Marie has fully harnessed her groove, and she is being loud and proud about it. She demonstrates the best instances of her vocal swagger here, passionately narrating her experience of becoming her own person and artist.

“On Back in Control, I am mixing the mid-tempo club feel with electronic RnB and neo-soul, basically experimenting with the old-school vintage vibe. I came up with the hook and concept one late night while reflecting on my personal and musical journey the past decades,” explains Anne Marie Bush. “I have been climbing up the hills since I was very young in a “Man’s World” trying to find my own feet, eager to study, learn and grow – now I am taking full control representing a female’s perspective, all on my own terms and conditions. I realized I have finally evolved into the artist I’ve always strived to become.”

This can be seen and heard all across “Back In Control”. There is no compromise. Everything is on Anne Marie Bush’s own terms, as she bridges the gap between classic old school flavors and modern content. The track is a triumph in that it showcases all the ways retro elements are adapted to a fresh new wave of music making. And while “Back In Control” paints a picture of who Anne Marie Bush is right now, it’s clear that the singer-songwriter and producer’s search for growth, does not end here…of that you can be sure, as she is back in control!

MORE ABOUT: Anne Marie (Educated from The Academy of Music in Denmark), has been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, mainly in L.A, where she was based for 8 years. As an artist Anne Marie has released her own singles, EPs and music videos on her own record label, AMB Records, and has made it to the hit single sales charts (Top 10), and the dance charts (house remix) for several years. Anne Marie has aired on most of the Nationwide TV shows and radio shows in Denmark, received immense airplay and hot rotation at DR P4, the biggest Nationwide Radio Station in DK, as well as indie radios all over EU, Asia, US and Canada. She has several songs released with major selling artists on different albums worldwide, and some of her songs have been placed on Amr. TV & Film.

“Back in Control” was Written Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Anne Marie Bush, and Mastered by AFV Studios, Brazil. The track is globally available on all digital megastores and streaming platforms, including http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1620163959?ls=1&app=itunes


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