The Five1Hero – “Café Moon Blue” & “Liquid Sunday Park”

2022 was a year of success and growth for The Five1Hero, the mastermind behind the Fresh Cut Wax record label. From releasing The Renegades Worldwide Full-Length Album – ‘Global Domination’, to 6 singles under the label, as well as 5 singles and an EP under his solo name, to 3 singles with the Sacramento Rock Band, Young Beard, Five1Hero has proven to be a force to be reckoned within the music industry. It is no surprise that the Fresh Cut Wax record label started the year 2023 with a bang, releasing not one, not two, but three albums on the first day of the year. These albums include The Renegades Worldwide Remixed album ‘Global Remixes’, Young Beard’s ‘Big September’, and ‘Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café’. These releases have further cemented Five1Hero’s place as a leading figure in the indie music scene.

The Five1Hero’s solo career has been just as impressive as his work with Fresh Cut Wax. With 5 singles and an EP released under his own name, The Five1Hero has shown his exceptional songwriting skills, production work, and his ability to create captivating music that connects with audiences on a deep level. ‘Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café’ is another true masterpiece from the industry-savvy creator.

This 13- track album displays The Five1Hero’s exceptional musical abilities and serves as a testament to his versatility as an artist, as well as his extraordinary knack to work with, and elevate, even superbly gifted features, such as Mica Franco, Micwise, and Honey-B-Sweet. With a mixture of flavors, including deep house, jazz, reggae and soul, this album is perfect for chilling and letting your mind run with the immersive sonic auras. The Five1Hero has crafted each track carefully to evoke a specific mood and experience, which narrate nostalgic moments from his memories.

Mica Franco is an artist who has been making waves in the music world for a while now. With three solo songs on the ‘Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café’, she showcases the subtleties of her vocal craft as a performer. Her first song, “Café Moon Blue,” is a deep house track that sets the seductive mood for the album despite the upbeat tempo, while “A Mi Lado” is a jazzier lounge song that highlights the captivating poignancy of her tones. And finally, “Get Going” is a groovy mid-tempo jam that announces the end of the party at the Blue Moon Café, which is an important part of the narrative.

Micwise and Honey-B-Sweet are two emcees who have made their mark on the music world with their unique sounds and styles. Both perform on the album, and they bring their A-game to the table with electrifying performances. Micwise lights up the intoxicating reggae/ska soundscape of “Liquid Sunday Park”, while Honey-B-Sweet sets her urgent vocals tones to the brass-filled, bass-driven backdrop of “The Hit”. These two artists are sure to leave you breathless.

KEL is a talented singer who rose to fame as a competitor on the TV show X Factor. Her powerful voice is on full display on the album, and her performance on “Maya”, is sure to leave you breathless. The simply strummed acoustic guitar accompaniment, allows KEL’s voice to thrive and impress, while bringing a powerful organic element to the mix.

Beyond the vocal tracks, ‘Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café’ also features seven instrumental tracks that range from groovy jams to classic Ska/Reggae vibes. Whether you’re looking for something to get you moving or just to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning, there’s something for everyone on this album. From the classic reggae vibes of “Jah Rising” to the funky bass jam of “Table Setting” featuring Jon the Fawn Doe, and the soothing piano motifs of “Biscuits and Gravy”, the instrumental tracks are sure to leave you inspired, energized and revitalized.

“Tuning The Keys N Memory” is another instrumental that beautifully utilizes the resonant sounds of the piano to great effect, while “Red Eye Gravy” sets the slapping groove of the entire band in motion. The other instrumentals include the pulsing drive of “Sunday Park Groove” and the mellifluous piano excursion of “Sunday Stroll”. It should be noted that that each song tells a chapter of the greater story that is ‘Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café’, and should probably be listened to in perfect sequence for full effect.

“This album is a big deal for me for sure. After ‘Global Domination’, I knew I had a solo album in my blood, and I knew it was going to be way easier and simpler than the Renegades Worldwide project. I definitely wanted to show my diversity in music beyond Hip Hop as well and go to my House and Downtempo Roots. I had the Idea of a Sunday Brunch theme and have the sounds revolve around a Café, paying homage to my culinary roots in San Francisco as well,” said The Five1Hero.

“I wanted to create an album that told a story,” continued The Five1Hero. “The vibe was going to be a Sunday Brunch Mimosa Vibe. I honestly pictured females drinking mimosas at house brunch parties as a big part of the demographic, but not my only demographic and I also wanted to keep it real with some beats and rhymes,” concluded The Five1Hero. Interestingly enough he is a California Culinary Academy graduate and has worked at many great restaurants in San Francisco as a cook and sous chef.


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