Sayree – ‘Raving Beauty’ ft. Joey Da Mayor – amalgamation of unforgettable auditory delights!


Mohamed Hsairy, renowned as Sayree in the music world, has etched his name as an artistic prodigy from Tunisia, demonstrating his musical prowess at a remarkably young age. Initially recognized under the moniker Meister, he swiftly ascended within the country’s music industry, capturing the attention of influential labels and carving a niche for himself. However, Sayree’s multifaceted talents extended beyond the sonic realm, as he swiftly maneuvered his way through the media landscape, eventually assuming the coveted roles of Artistic Director and General Director at the esteemed Tunisian publication, Tunivisions.

The tumultuous reverberations of the Covid-19 pandemic acted as a poignant catalyst, prompting Sayree to revisit his roots and reignite his fervor for music. On August 19, Sayree orchestrated a triumphant return to the forefront of the music scene, unleashing his inaugural single, “Raving Beauty,” across major streaming platforms. Collaborating with the gifted singer Joey Da Mayor, who also penned the song’s lyrics, Sayree has woven a captivating tapestry, seamlessly fusing deep house elements with subtle Oriental nuances, meticulously engineered by the talents of Kessentin Arsène and Wolfbeatz.

One cannot help but attribute Sayree’s inevitable popularity to the unparalleled finesse and precision he infuses into his craft. “Raving Beauty” effortlessly blurs the boundaries between sophisticated pop embellishments and pulsating, high-energy dance music. The irresistible amalgamation of unforgettable auditory delights, coupled with an evocative exotic ambiance, will undoubtedly propel Sayree’s name into the stratosphere of electronic musical luminaries.

In “Raving Beauty,” Sayree orchestrates a symphony of entrancing sounds and pulsating basslines, seamlessly intertwining with Joey Da Mayor’s soulful and resonant vocals, forming a seamless harmony that captivates the senses. The track envelops the listener, casting an enchanting spell that serves as a testament to Sayree’s unrestrained creative prowess and unbridled passion.

Incredibly unexpected and pretty much irresistible, “Raving Beauty” signifies only the dawn of a promising new chapter in Sayree’s musical odyssey. If this release serves as any indication of what lies ahead, the global music sphere is poised to witness the meteoric rise of an authentic icon. Simply put, this song is going to be huge. It has all the makings of a radio and club smash.

The lyrical essence of “Raving Beauty” echoes a narrative of passionate allure and magnetic energy. Through the verses, the track invites listeners to embrace a world of intoxicating dance, where every pulse and rhythm beckons to the vivacious spirit within. With an alluring charm, the lyrics paint a picture of an enticing muse, setting the stage for an immersive journey through the mesmerizing beats of “Raving Beauty.”

Sayree’s illustrious return with “Raving Beauty” marks a pivotal milestone, solidifying his position as an EDM virtuoso, and signaling a promising move for the artist’s compelling musical trajectory. The auditory journey is complemented by the stunning cover artwork, meticulously crafted by Aymen Dhifallah in collaboration with the mesmerizing model, Ahlem Fajjeri, further enhancing the immersive sonic experience crafted by Sayree.

As the echoes of “Raving Beauty” continue to reverberate, it becomes increasingly apparent that the song is a magnetic force that embodies the essence of Sayree’s profound dedication and fervent musical spirit. The producer’s relentless pursuit of sonic excellence sets the stage for an unforgettable ascent in the global music scene. It is undeniable that Sayree’s star is destined to shine bright in the constellation of contemporary music.


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