Roboman – Lets Dance Like Robots Techno Remix


“Let’s Dance Like Robot Techno Remix” is an electrifying and upbeat song by the artist Roboman that is sure to get your feet moving. The track is a fusion of electronic dance music and futuristic sci-fi elements, bringing together a unique and fresh sound. It has been remixed into various EDM versions since the original version was released many years back. The song opens with an irresistible beat and quickly builds into an infectious chorus. The remixed track features a variety of electronic sounds and effects, including heavy drums, powerful synths, and a catchy melody that’s impossible to ignore. “Let’s Dance Like Robot”, was co-written by Mario and David Fox, who also performed the vocals on the song. Magic Key Productions created the original version of the song. You can find the song on the album compilation here: is on radio rotation with the track “Lets Dance Like Robots Techno Remix”.

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