OR GOLAN – “Zarar” creates an attractive minimal environment


OR GOLAN’s single “Zarar” could primarily sit comfortably in the ambient or soundtrack genres, but even with without percussion, it contains elements that make the music more compelling and engaging than is typically expected from the ambient genre, as well as significantly more progressive. OR GOLAN’s high standing in some circles of the underground electronic community is well deserved, as he has shown himself to be a very versatile composer and producer. Throughout his career, he has shifted from four-to-the-floor dance/EDM tracks, to classically orchestrated cinematic soundscapes.

Even though “Zarar” is a minimalist in its use of instrumentation, a trait OR GOLAN has been applying more frequently in his latest works, this musical piece is a chilling listen that makes excellent use of the tension-and-release dynamic throughout its duration, which any adventurous listener with an ear for slow progression should be able to appreciate. “Zarar” offers a taste of OR GOLAN’s trade, up to this point in his career and shows him as a mature forward-thinking electronic music experimentalist.

Now, all of the aforementioned nuances would be senseless, if OR GOLAN lacked song writing to match things up. “Zarar” is completely inspired in that regard. The music blends the songwriter’s emotional and intellectual expression into single 2-minute instrumental piece. The dark synth inspired symphonic arrangement creates an attractive minimal environment, with it’s hypnotic chord structures, as well as deep and haunting strings.

All of these elements are, incredibly threaded into a minimal sonic structure, which offers OR GOLAN’s own unique musical language to the ambient and cinematic genres. The chilling atmospheric tones will engulf your senses and stir your emotions, in the same way a dramatic suspense movie would.

“Zarar” is difficult to describe in words alone, because it is more about the atmosphere and sonic auras it creates than just the music alone. OR GOLAN emphasizes the intensity of these elements by bringing them into this beat-less composition.

THE OR GOLAN STORY SO FAR: For those still not familiar with this iconic and popular independent musical figure, in 2020 Israeli music producer, OR GOLAN soared through the independent industry ranks, when against all odds his single, “I am Greedy”, raked in unprecedented success. This seemed like the perfect response to the setback he had previously suffered, when YouTube took down his other popular track, “The Wik Wik Song”.  When the success of “I am Greedy” came along, it seemed duly deserved, for all the hard work OR GOLAN had been putting into creating a career pathway for himself.

However, even this was not to be. The 24-year-old found himself swindled out of all the funds generated by the popular single, leaving him extremely deluded. He took a yearlong hiatus before bouncing back with brand new material and some major changes to his musical aesthetic. OR GOLAN and his music been have been aired on numerous radio stations around the world. He has done countless radio interviews and even a performance in Times Square, along with appearances on the Brazilian VV8 channel.

OR GOLAN has also featured in hundreds of magazine and blog articles, and can be viewed as a tremendous achiever in his field, considering he stutters and suffers from a hereditary disease, known as FMF (familial Mediterranean fever).

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