Niecie – “Queen of the Hill” – Thirty-five years of blues-rock and still going strong

There has been plenty to say about Niecie over the years. Cashbox Magazine has said: “raw and soulful…rocking blues powerhouse”. Niecie was voted one of the Top 25 Women in Music by Blues-E News Magazine. Blues Blast Magazine said it best: “…. If you are an entertainer that is going to go by one name (like Sting, Cher, or Bono) you had better have the talent to back it up, and Niecie passes this test easily”. In 2019 Niecie was voted “Fan Favorite” by The L.A. Music Critics Awards.

Born and raised in Detroit, Niecie was a professional dancer for about 20 years in Jazz and Ballet. Niecie was also an eye model for a French cosmetic firm, which is how Niecie got to Europe to perform musically. She was doing rock at the time. Back in the 90’s Niecie had some connections that led to an exclusive performance at Paisley Park. “The experience was life-changing. Being so close to Prince that I could count his eyelashes left me speechless”.

Over the course of her 35 year career, she has toured the Americas, Australia, and Europe. “Queen Of The Hill”, produced by Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner former Allman Brothers Johnny Neel, showcases a great, diverse voice that doesn’t try to be anyone else. Niecie stays away from the screaming and shouting approach that is usually the tried-and-true playbook for so many others. Damn the demographics. Screw the focus groups. F’ the algorithms. Deeply rooted in the blues / rock traditions, Niecie makes music on her own terms.

There are plenty of styles and influences on this outstanding release, that drives the listener into an attentive frenzy. “Queen of the Hill” shines a light on 12 tracks, 8 written or co-written by Niecie. Niecie is a stand-alone talent. Well known for her incredible live performances, Niecie is also a force to be reckoned with in the studio. Here is a powerful voice with an original style all her own. Her versatility as a songwriter is equally impressive. Queen of The Hill hit #30 on the Billboard charts as well as hit #3 on the Roots Music Report Charts for blues-rock.


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