MOON AND ARIES – “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” – infectious arrangement and sublime vocals


The new record by the forward-thinking synth-pop-opera duo, made up of German composer-producer Tom Aries, and Canadian writer-singer, Jordana Moon, better known as MOON AND ARIES, continues to build upon their distinct way of making music that seamlessly melds past, present future. Specifically, on their “BREAK THE MATRIX” three-part series, the duo move decidedly into the future with mystical, spiritual and sultry soundscapes designed to intoxicate and captivate the senses, in what they describe as “overcoming the old world and building the new world.” The release ofBREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” swept listeners away with it’s captivating melodies, unforgettable choruses, and stimulating lyrics within a kaleidoscopic wall of sound.

Now MOON AND ARIES are back with “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” which officially dropped worldwide on November 4. A fusion of Electro Pop, Trip Hop, and cinematic Synth Pop, what MOON AND ARIES articulate across this new release is that their propensity to completely envelop their audience is as palpable as ever. Without hesitation, “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” is amongst their finest work. One that will certainly sound and feel as resonant and elevating over the next decade and beyond.

In typical fashion for a duo that possesses a keen appreciation and passion for the multimedia dimensions of the music they make, “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” is as much as sonic experience as it is a visual one. Be it via the videos that accompany MOON AND ARIES’ music, or the images their compositions create in your mind.

Coupled with the enveloping, multi-textured instrumental and production work by Tom Aries, along with the profound lyrical content delivered via Jordana Moon’s pen and ever-reassuring vocals, the sonic fare contributes to the immersive, mood-inducing feel of the project from beginning to end.

Purveyors of pop classicism and perennially passionate fans of futuristic electronic music in all of its many forms, will both embrace the creativity and catchiness of the opening track “Codes and Circles”. “Let’s get criminal. I’ll say it’s my fault Here in my corner. Got my gloves off, I got you. Scent of vanilla spice fills the room. With a dusty old diary of broken rules. From the moment of inception to my delayed projections, I’m sitting around a table of fools,” sings Jordana Moon. The luxurious sound of her voice and the eloquence of her words deeply penetrating your mindset.

“Make me smile. Make me drink. Refill my glass of wine. So, I’ll properly think about your affection. Your lust pulls me from the reach of dust,” recites the opening lines of “The Butterfly Effect”. Jordana Moon’s voice massages and stimulates the senses. Her tones caress and seduce, while the throbbing percussion underscores the lavishing piano chords neatly laid out by Tom Aries. The infectious arrangement is subtly impactful and rousing. In this masterfully produced song, you can feel the electricity within the spacious textures. As a listener, you cannot help but fall under a deeply wistful spell.

While Tom Aries’ arrangements here are smooth and ruminative, they are undeniably affecting, leaving enduring imprints in your mind, further intensified by the sublime vocals. With its imposing and impressive percussion, “Rescued” provides a probing beat and resonating keyboard strokes. Jordana Moon’s celestial and haunting voice shapeshifts the track into a shimmering stunner of a song, accentuated by its lifting harmonies. This is a heavier track that nevertheless exudes warmth and invites reflection.

“We are here for our rescue. Get up and continue. I´m here to tell you. That you`re not alone. We are here for our rescue. Got nothing but breakthroughs,” exclaims MOON AND ARIES. That message comes through loud and clear, in more ways than one. A large part of music’s undeniable power and permanence is to remind us, the listeners, of where we are, who we are, and what we are feeling. “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” does exactly that.


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