Julie Tang – “It’ll Be Alright”

In her twenties, Julie Tang unearthed a hidden talent for composing music—a gift that had quietly nestled within her, unnoticed for the longest time. Everyone harbors unique gifts waiting to be uncovered, and the key lies in believing in oneself to bring those hidden facets to light. Like many others, Julie encourages reflection on that one aspiration you’ve longed to pursue but may have doubted your ability to achieve. Perhaps, just like Julie, it has been an integral part of you all along.

Julie dedicates a significant portion of her time to the solace of solitude, a journey in search of her soulmate—a love that is elusive and precious, seeming rare to find. It is crucial to recognize that the journey along this solitary path is shared by many. Embracing solitude, cultivating self-love, and patiently awaiting the arrival of someone who comprehends the essence of true love and cherishes the sanctity of one’s soul are vital steps in this expedition.

Julie hopes to convey the message that no one is navigating this lonely road alone. There is profound beauty in being with oneself and nurturing self-love until encountering a kindred spirit who understands the profound meaning of love and reveres the sanctity of the soul. Through her musical expressions, Julie aspires to infuse love and serenity into the lives of others, fostering collective growth where individuals mutually embrace the abundance of life.

Join Julie on this journey, where the harmonies of her music resonate with hearts, offering solace and companionship. Together, let everyone nurture a shared space where love and peace flourish, allowing for growth and the savoring of the richness of life. Currently, Julie Tang graces the airwaves with her soulful track, “It’ll Be Alright.”


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