Charlie Syntari – “I’ll Climb Mountains”

Born Conrad Wagener in the windswept city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Charlie’s artistic journey is a testament to the enduring power of musical evolution. The moniker ‘Charlie Syntari’ pays homage to his roots – ‘Charlie’ being the NATO phonetic alphabet’s nod to his birth name’s initial ‘C’, while ‘Syntari’ is a creative fusion representing the roots of his musical identity: the synthesizer, a mainstay in his compositions, and the Atari gaming console that sparked his digital curiosity as a child.

A pianist from the age of eight and a composer by twelve, Charlie’s continued affair with music bloomed over the years. Charlie debuted with his track, ‘Memories’ in 2021. The track featured on Apple Music’s own curated New in Pop Playlist for 6 weeks and reached number 18 in his native country’s Top 40 and enjoys daily plays in over 50 countries today.

His music often references late 90s and early 2000s sounds. “I am bound to it,” he admits, speaking of the era that shapes his music. And indeed, in every track, there’s a piece of history and a glimpse of the future.

Charlie Syntari doesn’t just recreate moments but reinvents them, inviting listeners to dance through time with him. With 10 upcoming singles, starting with I’ll Climb Mountains in December 2023, he promises fresh music over the next 12 months together with some additional remixes of his original Electro Pop songs into Progressive House and Melodic Techno sub-genres.

Charlie Syntari is on radio rotation with the track “I’ll Climb Mountains”


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