Apex Prime – ‘The Massacre’ is exceptionally brilliant!

Apex Prime is a rapper, singer and producer from the southeastern USA. His single, ‘The Massacre’ is an explosive introduction to the artist and a serious sign of intent. The theme of timing is heavy and resonates throughout the project. Not only is the timing between rapper and beat synchronized expertly, but his flow is immaculate. The cinematic, piano-based beat provides Apex Prime with a platform to showcase his versatility, as he flips between honey-sweet mellifluous croons to ferocious bursts of atomically loaded bars in the blink of an eye.

‘The Massacre’ is a celebration of Apex Prime’s skillset, both in the actual performance and the empowering narrative within the song. The track is a sublime metaphorical take on the hunting down of a ruthless serial killer by the authorities. Except the killer in question, is guilty of murdering beats and killing bars. Apex Prime makes every effort to impress with cutthroat-clever wordplay of the highest order, as the lush and intricate beat is met with crazy verses.

Throughout ‘The Massacre’, metaphors, similes, hyperboles, characterization, and oxymorons, assault your linguistic reach, stretching them beyond your own imagination. Moreover, Apex Prime’s rhyme scheme allows him to maintain a persistent flow, which matches the urgent theme of the song.  The single comes together like a cataclysmic showing of everything Apex Prime has learned in his craft.

‘The Massacre’ is definitive, it’s purposeful, and it is also adept at proving Apex Prime can deliver hyperactive flows, as well as breezy melodic wanderings that string together thoughts like a swarm of bees. His wit is sharp, his scope ambitious, and his language is explosive. A sense of urgency radiates through his stream of consciousness bars. Apex Prime massively impresses and exceeds expectations. It is striking just how electrifying a performer he is.

“We dropped the ball on this nigga. His a new type of criminal. Every beat is in danger, because his flow is subliminal. When he slaughters the victims, they never look anatomical because this nigga is vicious his murder game is phenomenal. Mutilating the verses, decapitating the chorus. He turned it into a mummy like it was in metamorphosis,” is just a small slice of the irrepressible verbiage, Apex Prime drops all across ‘The Massacre’.

The atmospheric beat with its throbbing underbelly, is the perfect fuel for Apex Prime’s fire, and when it goes into smooth melodic overdrive under the vocal hook, its allure is absolutely captivating. ‘The Massacre’ shows Apex Prime’s ability to rhyme and flow like the best in a much grittier way, which contrasts with the almost angelic chorus. In fact, the song is exceptionally brilliant, in capturing two opposite sides of the culture, in such a confident and convincing way.

Apex Prime is dynamic and exhilarating artist who shows that he can make anything he wants, marrying aggression and melody. He has proved with ‘The Massacre’ that he carries the charisma and skill necessary, to make a lasting impact and threaten the thrones of many of his peers.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/therealapexprime?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCK8QAQaRgPHBMt2egBXY29g
TikTok: http://tiktok.com/@iamapexprime
Stream: https://distrokid.com/videos/watch/aS16aYNd9fI


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