ANGELA – “New Year”: a warm festive hit from the singing beauty

Ukrainian artist ANGELA concludes her triumphant year with the release of a new festive hit – “New Year”. The singer, an acclaimed beauty queen and public figure, has released a thematic song dedicated to all Ukrainian families eager to feel happiness and warmth even for a moment.

The song marks the fourth and final release of the year for the artist, who stormed Ukrainian airwaves. With hits like “Your Eyes,” “Let Go,” and “Original,” she became one of the biggest breakthroughs of the passing year.

“New Year” stands as the most vibrant and luminous track from this vibrant artist, aimed at setting everyone in a festive mood. “New Year – my favorite time of year. During this season, I feel like a little girl again, believing that everything will not just be good, but that a miracle awaits us all. I nurture these feelings within myself and encourage my children to dream boldly and not be afraid of their desires,” the artist, and a happy mother, shares.

ANGELA fulfilled her dream in 2023 and aims to inspire others with her example: “Exactly a year ago, I could only dream of what I have now. I was always afraid to pursue my desires and only dared to embody my childhood dream after realizing that we must live for now because tomorrow might not come,” the singer reveals.

However, ANGELA’s growth extends beyond music. In the passing year, the singer solidified herself as one of the most acclaimed beauty queens globally. She won the “TOP 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES WORLDWIDE 2023” contest and received an award from the editorial team of the international magazine Topcity. Towards the end of the year, ANGELA received one of the most prestigious awards at the international competition in the UAE – Mrs. Grand Queen Universe 2023 in the “Mrs.” category. Additionally, she received the title of the second Mrs. Grand Queen Universe and was recognized as the Queen of Creative Ukraine.

“I am glad to represent my country in these difficult and important times. Ukraine and its representatives should appear more frequently at significant events and talk about what is happening here. Currently, this is extremely important, and I am pleased to be one of the ambassadors of our country,” the singer shares about her experience.

The last days of 2023 will be extremely eventful for ANGELA. The star will perform at charity events in the capital, aiming to raise funds for the needs of the Ohmated children’s clinic. Additionally, she will participate in another prestigious event – the Business Circles Awards of Ukraine. The star will receive the “Achievement of the Year-2023” Cup. Thus, the business community acknowledges her success in 2023.

“I am sincerely grateful to life and everyone involved in what I have achieved this year. I wish warmth, safety, happiness, love, prosperity, and, of course – victory to each of us. Remember, you can do anything at any time, just follow your dream,” the star concludes.

The positive hit “New Year” is available on all streaming platforms. Get energized with the happiness vibe now:

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