The future is set to be huge for UK DJ/Producer Flashman


As an ambitious, talented and rising DJ/Producer, UK based Flashman is making an impression on the music scene playing high energy DJ sets that will never be forgotten. Flashman’s lifetime passion for music got the better of him and inspired by many influential DJ’s, producers, and festivals, he started to perform and craft his infamous energetic style. Flashman has had the pleasure and experience of performing at clubs, events, and festivals both nationally and internationally with his distinctive and iconic sound of hard techno inspiring and entertaining many.

Success has already led Flashman to gain hype and momentum within the industry, with his style being influenced from the breakbeats of the 80’s, the acid house & drum & bass rave culture of 90’s, garage vibes of the 00’s and settling into the techno & industrial sound of the 2010’s, you can certainly hear the energy that Flashman’s foundations are laid upon.

He is leading the charge with explosive and memorable performances in a world usually reserved for the black clad ravers and DJ’s – you can spot him colorfully styled to almost naked, tattoo covered, smashing out his heart stopping, sweat dripping sets. Across the UK & Europe, festivals to clubs with hard techno starting at 140bpm as his weapon, the future is set to be huge for Flashman, especially with the launch of his own produced tracks and events coming soon. Where Flashman is taking the genre is undoubtedly going to be the new benchmark, so jump aboard and enjoy being part of his journey.


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