September 21, 2023

Juddy Mac – ‘Love is Dangerous’ represents 10 out forty original folk-rock songs

In order to introduce his debut album ‘Love is Dangerous’ Juddy Mac is giving away his “A Cowboy Christmas Song” free at Juddy Mac and his wife, spent decades as long-haul truckers even joining the Million Mile Club. The ‘Love is Dangerous’ LP represents 10 out of nearly forty unique and original folk-rock songs written during those years.

“A Cowboy Christmas Song” is a true inspirational Christmas story of breaking down in a small Midwestern town. ‘Love is Dangerous’ is destined to join its place in Rock Americana.

You can check out Juddy Mac’s bio here at his producer’s website or visit

Please direct all inquiries to Producer and Music Publisher Richard Steven Goforth 813-644-2792.


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