Jax Jones, Au/Ra – “I Miss U” (Wildrave,Chupwell & Flr Remix)


Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR join forces with Only Good Vibes to remix the dance smash hit “I Miss U” by Jax Jones & Au/Ra. This is a no-holds-barred party-starter—it’s hard to find fault with this slick, well-balanced remix of pumping club music. This crew know how to keep dance floors full without resorting to gimmicks. Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR seem to remix their songs as if it were their last. They are always mindful of the audience, as they nail the balance between the original melody and beat with the jacked-up super groove they infuse into the song.

The remix of “I Miss U” by Jax Jones & Au/Ra is a blend of well-timed punches and pacesetting bass and synth motifs that grow increasingly sweaty. Every record Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR reach for is tried-and-tested club fare, and they re-stitch it all together into a bouncy and dynamic remix ready to destroy dancefloors.  Technically focused and texturally dense, this remix sets Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR apart from their peers.

Due to the original version of “I Miss U” by Jax Jones & Au/Ra being such an explosive song with superb vocals, before even pressing play, you already know this remix by Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR is going to be a funky and driven slap house number that will be played for many years to come. Upon actually pressing play, that is exactly what you get.

It’s no secret that making a name for yourself in the overcrowded EDM industry is hard work. There’s no tried and true method to finding success other than pure dedication and devotion to your craft, and even then there are still no guarantees. However Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR are applying their skills in doing their very best to stand out above the crowd. This infectious remix of “I Miss U” by Jax Jones & Au/Ra is hard not to love.


Only Good Vibes https://instagram.com/only_good_vibes0




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