City of Rebellion & MainDain – “Right Now”

DJ The Fox and Adriano Pereira join forces to create a dynamic and innovative music project in the realm of electronica, CITY OF REBELLION. This talented duo combines their skills and creativity to produce mesmerizing electronic compositions that captivate audiences worldwide. With a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, DJ The Fox and Adriano Pereira merge their unique styles and influences to craft a sound that is both cutting-edge and accessible. Drawing inspiration from various genres such as techno, house, and ambient, their music showcases a fusion of intricate beats, lush melodies, and captivating soundscapes.

DJ The Fox, known for his impeccable mixing skills and infectious energy behind the decks, brings a wealth of experience from performing at renowned venues and festivals. His seamless transitions and ability to read the crowd create an electrifying atmosphere wherever he plays.

Adriano Pereira, a masterful producer and composer, contributes his rich musical background and deep understanding of harmonies and textures to the project. With a meticulous attention to detail, he weaves intricate sonic layers, ensuring that each track is a sonic journey that transports listeners to new dimensions.

Together, DJ The Fox and Adriano Pereira form a formidable partnership that is redefining the electronic music landscape. Their shared vision and commitment to innovation result in mesmerizing productions that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of electronica.

Stay tuned as CITY OF REBELLION continue to evolve and captivate audiences with their visionary music. This is an Upcoming new duo composed of DJ The Fox from Portugal and Adriano Pereira from Brazil. The booth feels being experts on the actual demand of music, events and the future of harmony.

They are very focused on bringing some groovy tracks and filling some of the biggest parties in the world. Be alert and have a free pass to enter the City of Rebellion. City of Rebellion & MainDain are on EDMECHO radio rotation with the track “Right Now”.





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